Job Opportunity: Enza Capital Chief of Staff Role


Enza Capital is looking for a creative, seasoned candidate to become our Chief of Staff and join our team. This function’s critical responsibilities are driving strategic initiatives, maintaining effective operations, and assisting the executive leadership in accomplishing organizational objectives. Working closely with the chief executive and additional prominent leaders, the chief of staff will carry out essential tasks that propel the business’s development and serve as a reliable advisor.


Experience: Seven to ten years minimum in a senior management or strategic function.

Education: A bachelor’s degree in finance, business, or a similar discipline. An advanced degree, such as an M.B.A., is ideal.

Skills: Strong organizational, communication, and leadership abilities. Demonstrated capacity to oversee several tasks at once efficiently. Exceptional ability to solve problems.

Additional Requirements: Prior expertise in the finance or investing sectors is highly preferred, and demonstrated capacity to function in a dynamic, fast-paced workplace.

Salary: The benefits package is quite competitive and in line with experience. It includes a base salary, performance bonuses, and comprehensive benefits.

Link to apply :Enza Capital Chief of Staff Role

Apprenticeship Program: I.B.M. Apprenticeship & Skill Build Program


The IBM Apprenticeship & Skill Build Program aims to allow people to acquire real-world experience and critical skills in various commercial and technical fields. Combining classroom education and on-the-job training, this program will enable apprentices to learn from seasoned experts while working on real-world projects. Under the guidance of seasoned professionals in the field, participants will have the opportunity to lay the groundwork for a prosperous future with IBM.


Education: A high school degree or its equivalent. Some programs can need extra coursework.

Skills: Proficiency in Information Technology and computer systems. Strong problem-solving skills and an eagerness to pick up new skills.

Additional requirements: No prior experience working in the field is required. Candidates should be dedicated to finishing the apprenticeship program and interested in technology.

Salary: Depending on their experience level and their particular apprenticeship assignment requirements, IBM gives its apprentices a competitive wage. Insurance and paid time off are examples of benefits, are part of the remuneration package.

Application Deadline

The application process is rolling. Apply right away!

More Information

Please visit the I.B.M. Apprenticeship & Skill Build Program for further details and to apply.

Job Opportunity: Google Associate Product Marketing Manager (APMM) Program


The Google Associate Product Marketing Manager (APMM) Program is intended to be a worldwide rotational program for recent graduates with a strong interest in marketing and technology. Working on various projects spanning several product categories and functions, APMMs at Google get practical experience while absorbing knowledge from top business executives. Participating in this program will advance your creative, leadership, and strategic thinking abilities while supporting Google’s objective of organizing the world’s knowledge.


Education: A bachelor’s degree was earned within the last two years.

Skills: Strong analytical abilities, fluent verbal and written communication, and a love of technology and marketing are among the capabilities.

Additional requirements: Proven leadership in projects, internships, and extracurricular activities. Capacity to adjust to a rapidly changing and fast-paced environment. 

Salary: For APMMs, Google provides a handsome compensation and benefits bundle comprising retirement programs, health insurance, and additional incentives like employee discounts and wellness initiatives.

Deadline: The job posting does not specify an application deadline. Interested candidates should apply promptly to ensure consideration. Note that this role is not eligible for immigration sponsorship.

Link: To apply, please visit the Google APMM Program. 

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